Did you know that the number one pest control problem in America is ants! It's not surprising to learn that these tiny little insects have become such a nuisance for American homes. They can nest in anything from toys to cars to even inside the walls of your home. 


One of the worst issues is that no matter how hard you try to keep things clean, just a single itty bitty crumb can cause them to come by the dozens. Have you ever seen a single ant crawling around in your home? This particular ant is called a worker ant or scout ant, and it's their job to locate and alert the other ants of food.  


Distance is no issue for ants either. Ants can walk quite a ways from their colony in search of food. Once they locate food, they lay down pheromones or chemicals that attract the other ants so they, too, can find their way to the food source.


There is only so much that we can do to combat this issue. Hiring an experienced exterminator such as the men and women of Gressette Pest Management located in Orangeburg, SC, is one of the most effective ways to deal with these pests. At Gressestte Pest Control, our exterminators are experienced in knowing how to find and help eliminate ants from your home and yard. 


They know which type of poison is best suited to get rid of the ants and their queen. This is crucial since most insecticides such as ant spray only kill the ants you see. The queen ant never leaves the nest, where she stays laying thousands of eggs that replace any ants you spray or kill. When the queen ant is killed, the entire colony will also die since she is no longer there to continue to reproduce; the ants will die without any more ants to replace them.


An exterminator is experienced in dealing with these annoying pests and in the best ways to eliminate them from your home. In addition to hiring an exterminator, there are a few other ways we can help detour the ants from taking control of your home. 


First of all, try to avoid using pesticide sprays to kill the ants you see in your home. Instead, try to follow the trail to see where the ants are coming from and how they are getting into your home. If you find the colony, you can put down poison directly on the nests. Also, you can put out edible ant poison that the ants carry back to their nests. Make sure it is out of the reach of children and pets, though, as these poisons can be toxic to humans. 


You may notice when you put out edible ant poison that the number of ants increases. Please don't freak out; leave them alone and let them gather the poison uninterrupted. It may take a few days, and you may have to replace the bait depending on the colony's size, but eventually, the number of ants will go down until they are gone.


These tips can help temporarily remove the ants from your home, but usually, there is way more than one colony, and it won't be long before more ants find their way into your home again. Gressette Pest Control can help protect your home from being invaded by ants in the future so that you can have peace of mind again and not have to deal with ants in your cabinets and other places in your home. 



Another way to help cut back on ant infestations is to try and keep your home and vehicle as clean as possible. Keeping your floors swept and your counters neat is an effective way to detour the ants, especially since they will go somewhere else if they can't find food. Placing open food in sealed jars or containers can help as well. 


It is also beneficial in your battle with ants to ensure that your windows, doors, and other entry points are sealed to help keep the ants from getting in. 


Our experts at Gressette Pest Control can help you with your ant dilemma. Give them a call today and let them handle the pests for you!



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