Don’t let mosquitos keep you from enjoying the warm weather.  Gressette Pest Management will service your property to help keep the mosquito population under control. 


Get back outdoors!

"Gressette Pest Management can dramatically reduce the population of mosquitoes in your yard."

Once a month we treat their resting places with a fast drying product that you won't even notice - but it will make it impossible for mosquitoes to live. We can also keep thousands of unwanted mosquitoes from crashing your next outdoor affair with a special application 24-48 hours before your event. We'll also survey your yard for breeding sites and let you know how to eliminate them.

Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance, they carry West Nile Virus and other diseases that pose a health threat to you and your family. We can't guarantee that our program will eliminate every mosquito, but it will dramatically reduce the population in your yard.

Available Options

  • One-time service or monthly service from May to October.
  • One-time services will consist of treating the perimeter of the home, vertical resting areas and other areas conducive to mosquito infestation with a power sprayer or mist blower. It is usually not necessary to treat the entire yard due to a mosquito’s biology. Focus on areas such as shady spots, around shrubbery and other areas that may maintain moisture. Be mindful of boundaries customers would like protected and charge using the pricing list provided. Normally, customers request one- time services before an outdoor event. It is best to schedule our treatment a few days prior for maximum effectiveness.
  • Monthly service will consist of the same treatment protocol as discussed above in addition to treating standing water with a larvicide’s.
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 Gressette Pest Management will service your property to help keep the mosquito population under control.